Bring More People Home!

Funding transitional and permanent supportive housing & services.

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Funding transitional and permanent supportive housing & services.

Together we can END homelessness in Jefferson County!

In 2016, Bayside Housing & Services (BHS) began serving people who are experiencing homelessness in Jefferson County by providing transitional housing at the Bayside Tower, located at the Old Alcohol Plant Inn in Port Hadlock. Over the last 6 years we've expanded our impact exponentially by adding case management services aimed at helping individuals find permanent housing and sustainable support; adding two more transitional housing sites – at Peter’s Place in Port Hadlock, and now Pat’s Place in Port Townsend; and training case management staff based on a trauma-informed approach to support services. In 2022, BHS will also continue to explore several potential projects that could allow us to help bring more permanent affordable and supportive housing units to the county, making it more possible for us to place clients who are ready to move out of transitional housing into permanent homes.


  • Between Peter’s Place and the Bayside Tower at the Old Alcohol Plant, BHS provided over 15,000 bed nights in 2021; and now over 55,000 bed nights to date since they opened in 2016!
  • We currently serve 12 individual program participants in tiny shelters at Peter’s Place (in Port Hadlock) and have served a total of 26 individual clients at Peter’s Place since it opened in January 2021. Most of the clients who have moved out of transitional housing at Peter’s Place have now been placed in permanent housing.
  • BHS also currently operates 20-23 rooms at Bayside Tower – including 4 family rooms and typically serving up to 8 families at a time!
  • Pat’s Place is now fully occupied, providing temporary supportive housing (transitional housing with case management services) for 13 clients initially; and up to 22 clients once additional units are built.
  • In 2021, Bayside provided over 14,500 meals to our own program participants living at Bayside Tower and Peter’s Place; and to hungry people formerly living at the fairgrounds and then at the Caswell Brown shelter village on Mill Street. Now, we've served over 22,300 meals and counting.
  • BHS has also provided over 500 rides for clients to access schools, medical appointments, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks and errands.

In 2022, Bayside will continue to move toward a trauma-informed model of care, which is a non-judgmental method for aiding those who have experienced and may still be experiencing trauma. Embracing these evidence-based practices is central for homeless healthcare providers, as the homeless condition – a traumatic condition in itself – is also linked to experiences like previous childhood abuse and neglect, intimate partner violence, traumatic brain injury, and a history of military service - among other circumstances.

Trauma-informed models of care provide a safe space for clients to feel heard and supported. Bayside hires and trains professionals who employ a trauma-informed approach to care, and who are equipped to understand the actions of their clients and to engage them in seeking and attaining permanent housing.

Bayside Housing & Services is supporting program participants with transitional housing and wrap around care aimed at building long-term skills. And in 2022, we need your support to enable us to explore several potential permanent supportive housing projects as well! Together, BHS and our local community will continue to bring more people home, helping citizens find and keep permanent homes for life!


  • Donate online to our ongoing operations campaign, funding our transitional housing and support services, and meal programs; as well as ongoing housing project development.
  • Keep an eye out for in-kind contribution needs, frequently listed on our website and communicated to the community on a project-by-project basis, as needed.
  • Volunteer with Bayside, the Community Build Project and/or the Community Boat Project!
  • And lift up BHS’s work in the community whenever you have the opportunity:
    • Housing for ALL is good for ALL: imagine a world where every person in our community has a safe, sustainable place to be at home; and where they also have access to support services to help find and keep homes for life! Ask yourselves what problems can be solved when each person is starting from that kind of stable foundation. "HOUSING FIRST" WORKS!!
    • Educate yourself and others about the drivers behind our current housing crisis.
    • Bayside currently spends approximately $1,550/per person per month to house and feed a client experiencing homelessness. Compare that figure to the public costs of hospitalization, mental health services, and engagement with law enforcement and judicial systems. Again - "HOUSING FIRST" WORKS!

ARE YOU READY TO STAND WITH BAYSIDE HOUSING & SERVICES TO BRING MORE PEOPLE HOME? Now is the time. Donate today - and from there we can work together to create opportunities for people to contribute – finding and keeping meaningful jobs, connecting to educational and recreational opportunities, building community and taking care of our youth for the future of us all!